“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy…” opened President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech imploring congress to declare war in Japan. It’s considered to be one of the most famous American political speeches of the 20th century. Within an hour of its delivery Congress passed a formal declaration of war against Japan and officially brought the U.S. into World War II.

73 years ago, on that fateful day, young lives were cut short, and members of what would become known as fabled American television journalist Tom Brokaw named them, “The Greatest Generation” led the charge to fight for liberty, justice, and the American way. We all learned about Pearl Harbor and the subsequent events that happened in the 40s. It was in the 5th grade that I almost had a chance to go to the Arizona Memorial. I was ecstatic. But when a Chevron Industries fuel pipeline broke, and dumped tens of thousands of gallons of fuel oil into Pearl Harbor, our schools trip out to the actual Memorial was cut short. It wouldn’t be until years later, almost 14 years after that incident that I’d make it out to the Memorial, and it wasn’t anything like I had hoped. Continue reading ›

It’s a 78 minute drive from my front door to Ehukai Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu. The Pipe Masters is slated to be happening this month, and I’ll be covering it for AFP. The only problem is that the competition only runs if the conditions are right. Lets hope the surf gets better.

With a record of 3-7 entering the final home game of the season, expectations were pretty low for Norm Chow and the Warriors. Despite having finally won a road game with a 13-0 win over the San Jose Spartans, and despite being favored over the Rebels, the Warriors have faced a somewhat tough season. Norm Chow, wrapping up his third year as head coach, faces pressure to perform and overwhelming criticism from fans who are almost lynch-mobby to the point where one day, and perhaps soon, they might just pick up pitch forks, torches and storm the keep to run him out of town. Continue reading ›

The midterm elections have come and gone. The political landscape has re-shifted basically back to what it was two years ago. Republicans retook the majority in the Senate. Not in the usual way you;d expect, as Slate’s William Saletan puts it. (He’s quoted at the end of the linked News.Mic article.) That being said, as with years past, Hawaii, the 50th State in the Union, voted in the similar way it typicall does. Blue.
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The title of this post just about sums it up pretty well. GeekFest, #GFPhilly, went down in the city of brotherly love this year after a rocking year in Minneapolis. Truth be told, I had NEVER been to one before. I had seen photos shared on facebook, and M and Eve talked about it a couple of times, luckily this year I was fortunate enough to go.

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People who know me will tell you, I’m kind of a gear head. I’m crazy about new technology. While the Sony a7 series cameras aren’t technically NEW technology (full frame digital camera) I will say that it definitely fits into the category of affordable full frame digital body. When I finally got back to Hawaii after my extended #travelingkent hiatus on the mainland I returned to Hawaii determined to try one of these cameras out. Thankfully Josh at Hawaii Camera has a couple for rent, and I took the Sony a7R out for a week. Continue reading ›

Heading into August there was quite a buzz around the newsroom. We were moving floors, Leyba had made 30 years with the Post, and Broncos would soon be back in season. I had a blast with my fellow interns this summer, and the staff here were nothing but short of amazing. I’m really going to miss Denver after I go home… Continue reading ›

It was somewhat fitting that one of my final assignments of my internship at The Denver Post would be the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, Colorado. It was one of my first assignments at The Gazette in Colorado Springs, nearly a year earlier. Ken Lyons my editor at The Post, sent me to the Fair looking for an A1 centerpiece photo. No Pressure, he said. Knowing that I had to come back with something well before the deadline and it had to be good, I was slightly stressed since weather was a bit funky, and It was the opening day of the fair, and nothing would really get into gear by the time i needed a photo. Here’s what I came away with Continue reading ›

Yesterday, the National Sports Center for the Disabled’s Denver Bronco’s Ability Clinic at Sports Authority Field at Mile High saw more than 200 children and adults with disabilities. The participants had opportunities to learn skill development and interact with players from The Broncos. Continue reading ›

Thirty-Three isn’t what some would consider young…in the world of professional football. But for Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker, age is a motivational tool. Leading up the the Denver Bronco’s training camp, reporter Troy Renck and I went down to Half Hour Power to spend some time with Welker to interview and photograph him going through his workout. Continue reading ›